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Welcome to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and congratulations on the birth of your baby. When you arrive in the unit the technology may seem daunting. You will receive a lot of new information and hear many unfamiliar words; all of which may be overwhelming at first. Please do not hesitate to ask staff questions or request information to be repeated if you are unsure about anything you have been told. The unit consists of intensive care and special care nurseries. Your baby will be admitted to the area best suited to their needs. Throughout your baby's stay any treatment your baby requires will be explained to you. We encourage you to be involved in your baby's care wherever possible as this helps to establish and strengthen your bond with them. Please discuss your baby's plan of care with the nurse caring for your baby so that you can coordinate your visits to maximize your involvement.


  • Parents and siblings are welcome to visit their baby any time
  • Premature and sick babies have very limited resistance to infection; anyone who is unwell should not enter the nursery. If you or your other children or any visitors are unwell with a potentially infectious illness such as a cough, cold, rash, tummy bug or fever please telephone the nursery in advance to discuss whether visiting is advisable
  • There is a limit of two visitors to each cot i.e. two parents or one parent with one visitor

Our Parent Support Program aims to assist you to participate in the care of your baby during their stay in the NICU, by providing education about infant development and expected milestones. This program is based on the philosophy of family-centered care where health care staff and the family are partners, working together to best meet the needs of your child. Further information about this program is provided in the parent information pack given to you when your baby was admitted to NICU.

  • Your mobile phone must be kept on vibrate or silent while you are in the nursery
  • Please do not answer your mobile phone in your baby’s room. All phone calls must be made in the parent’s lounge or reception area
  • The camera function on your mobile phone may be used to take photos. When taking photos of your baby please respect the privacy of other babies and their families. If you wish to include staff members in your photographs, please ask their permission first

Food should not be eaten within the nursery. You are welcome to consume food in the parents’ lounge.

Vaccination at birth is available during the stay of the baby at the hospital. Remaining doses are given during follow up visits.

Other Paediatric Services

Paediatric Neurology: Expert evaluation and rehabilitation of neurological disorders in children such as epilepsy,  movement disorders, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, mental retardation, autism & learning disabilities. Facilities: EEG, CT scan, MRI, Neuro Pet CT.

Paediatric Endoscopy Services: Diagnostic esophago-gastro-duodenoscopy and colonoscopy in children and therapeutic endoscopy for varices (sclerotherapy and band ligation), bleeding lesions, foreign body removal and polypectomy are available.

Paediatric Orthopedic Surgery: This super-specialty encompasses all the orthopaedic disorders, both traumatic and non-traumatic afflicting a growing skeleton, including neonates, children and young adults.

Neonatal and Paediatric surgery: Expertise is available for correction of major congenital malformations in the neonate and paediatric age group.

Paediatrics Nutritional Services: Paediatric dietetic expertise is available for counselling. The paediatric dieticians are experienced in managing a variety of clinical conditions such as celiac disease and cow’s milk allergy which require skilled dietetic input.

Immunization: Comprehensive immunization service for all vaccine-preventable diseases under close medical supervision.

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